Ford Escort Mexico Recently fully restored and mechanically rebuilt condition, top quality example (1974)




This is a top restored 1974 Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico with a odometer reading of almost 47,000. The fact that the car has been top restored, or the low mileage, does not make it a miracle. What can really be seen as miraculous is the startling fact that this car did not end up as a rally car.
The Mexico was a special edition of the Mk1 Ford Escort to celebrate Ford’s success in the London to Mexico rally. Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm won the 1970 edition of the grueling rally. Ford’s marketing department saw a golden opportunity to turn this rally success into cash in the showroom. This success was celebrated with a special edition of the Ford Escort. Ford’s racing department was involved in the development of the Mexico and looking at the options and other versions from that time, it is not surprising that the Mexico became a huge sales success. The Mexico got a 1600cc 4-cylinder engine with a single overhead camshaft that was good for 86 horsepower. That may sound unimpressive by today’s standards, but with a manual transmission with short ratios and a car weight of only 850 kilos, the Ford Escort Mexico was capable of very appealing performance. Today, the performance of the Mexico is still good, check out how the car was received in the 1970s! But let’s take a look at the more versions that were possible at the time. Nowadays it is completely inconceivable that a manufacturer of a family car offers the buyer the opportunity to decorate a car in such a way that you can immediately take it to the rally, yet that is exactly what Ford did with the Mexico. It is therefore not surprising that many buyers have chosen to use the Mexico as a base to drive rallies. After all, you only had to apply a few finishing touches to be able to compete with the car. Ford sold over 10,000 Mexico’s in total. Not really a rare classic you might think. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Escort Mexico’s that got a life as rally car were often written off well before the end of the first season. If not the first year, then often in the years after. Many Ford Escort Mexico’s died in the harness. They were literally chased to death by their owners.
If we want to compliment this particular example, the biggest compliment we can make to the car is that the restoration does not match the type of car. This Ford Escort has been so beautifully restored that we only see this kind of working method on cars that cost a multiple of this Ford. The car has literally been taken apart to the last screw and rebuilt with a great sense of originality. The work has really been carried out by an absolute professional, because the result is not inferior to the work of top restorers.
The bodywork looks beautiful. The sheet metal is nice and thin everywhere with perfect fits. The doors close with that characteristic click and give the feeling that the car has just come out of the showroom. The Olympic Blue paint has been painted very well and makes the car also look beautiful. The car is fitted with RS rims that have also recently been repainted and are in top condition. The bumpers and lighting are all completely original and look like they could be pulled through a ring. That beautiful appearance is continued on the underside of the car. The underside of the Escort is painted at least as beautifully as the top. Naturally, the original stickers were also reapplied during the restoration.
The interior has been completely reupholstered. The cockpit seats are perfect and give a lot of support. The dashboard is spartan and nicely tidy. The dashboard looks nice and is equipped with clear instruments and easy to operate buttons. The Mexico’s dashboard is purely purposeful. You will not find a button or counter that does not also have a clear function. If only modern cars were so clear. The carpets are also completely new and fit beautifully everywhere. The steering wheel is original and looks neat. What is also striking is that you can immediately find a wonderful seating position when boarding and that the car invites you to sit down and send a nice game.
Because a nice game of steering is what this car excels at. 86 hp may sound like a modest power by today’s standards, but if we take into account that the Ford Escort Mexico only has to carry 850 kilos, then it is all not so bad. The car has a fantastic driving behaviour, which of course has been incorporated into the car by the engineers, but in this case is enhanced by the fact that the chassis was completely finished during the restoration. All rubbers in the suspension, the dampers, the springs, all are new. The Escort therefore steers tight and challenges you to get the most out of the total package. The engine in this case is a 1.6 liter OHV mated to a four-speed manual transmission. The gearbox shifts very precisely and the engine runs beautifully through the revs. Both were completely overhauled during the restoration and are, just like the exterior, in top condition.
The Ford Escort Mexico is now a pure rarity and still has enormous status among fans of the fast models from the Ford Catalog. Not so surprising because unlike many modern cars, this is a car that not only runs on petrol but also on pure charm. A disarmingly effective little “street monster” that will undoubtedly give the new owner a huge smile on his face every kilometer. Because admit it: if you’re looking for a Ford Escort Mexico, you’re automatically looking for the best on the market, aren’t you?

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  • Mileage: 29,173
  • Year: 1974
  • Doors: 2
  • Body type: Coupe
  • Transmission type: Manual
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Colour: Blue

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