1979 PORSCHE 935 JOEST (1979)




1979 Porsche 935 Joest
VIN: 009 0001
Two 1st place finishes with a total of 15 podiums
First of the Joest-built Porsche 935s
Driven by Reinhold Joest, Rolf Stommelen, Volkert Merl, Jochen Mass
Owned by former F1-czar Bernie Ecclestone
Chassis never damaged or modified, remains as raced by Joest
Major top-end rebuild on engine performed recently with 3 hours on engine
3.2-liter twin turbocharged flat six engine
When Porsche announced that they would be ending factory support for the 935 at the beginning of 1979, there was a collective sigh among competitors who had finally waited for the extremely dominant 935 to stop being produced. While the factory wouldn't be building new cars, Porsche would keep supplying new parts and a few independent teams, with Porsche's blessing, were keen to build modified 935s and to breathe new life into the platform. Joest Racing was one of those who continued to develop and advance the 935 to levels beyond what Porsche might have even considered possible in the first place. This car, 009 0001, is the first Joest Porsche 935 ever built.
Of the complete Porsche 935 body-shells that were made available by Porsche, Joest Racing was the first to receive one. Modifications included turning the rear of the Porsche tub into a tubular space frame, allowing better suspension mounting and was much lighter. Porsche ran a special type of bodywork on the "Baby" Porsche 935 2.0, with Joest being the only team that was supplied and allowed to use these factory-specific panels. Special aerodynamic tuning was done to eke out every conceivable extra bit of downforce while reducing drag, originally lead by Norbert Singer during development. Some of the most notable differences include the front fenders with the raised channels to guide air down the car to the rear inlets near the rear window to aid the intercoolers. The factory air-to-water intercoolers were replaced with a more efficient air-to-air version, with proven race application through Joest's own racecars. Joest's racing and design acumen would lead 009 0001 to two 1st place finishes with 15 podiums during its racing career.
After finishing the 1981 season, this 935 was retired from active racing duty. The car was then purchased by Swiss collector Albert Obrist, who would then sell the 935 to former F1-czar Bernie Ecclestone. Canepa would purchase the car in early 2006 and performed a major race preparation on the car including brakes, fuel system, fuel injection pump, shock absorbers and chassis setup. The 935 was subsequently purchased by Jamie Mazzotta who would own the car until sold to its most recent owner.
The LiquiMoly Porsche 935J would return to Canepa in October 2018 with a fresh rebuild of the top-end components of its engine. Inspected from back to front, the original Joest chassis was in the same condition as it arrived at Canepa the very first time 12 years earlier. Employing the "Canepa Difference" process, the car was cleaned by hand ensuring that every inch of the car was spotless. Its mechanical inspection resulted in a clean bill of health and is an excellent example of an iconic and historic 935.
This Porsche 935J, the first chassis constructed by Joest, represents an incredible piece of automotive history. Its impressive provenance, proven race history, excellent condition and ownership history is compounded by that this 935J is a product of a proven race team that to this day remains in the limelight. With its significant performance tuned to perfection with more power available at the turn of the boost knob, this incredibly authentic Group 5 racer is at home at any vintage historic racing weekend or part of an exquisite private collection.

Racing History
1.10.1978    DRM Nürburgring    Reinhold Jöest    4th
11.3.1979    DRM Zolder    Rolf Stommelen    2nd
8.4.1979    DRM Hockenheim    Rolf Stommelen    4th
29.4.1979    DRM Nürburgring    Rolf Stommelen    3rd
20.5.1979    DRM Salzburgring    Rolf Stommelen    5th
17.6.1979    DRM Mainz-Finthen    Rolf Stommelen    2nd
24.6.1979    DRM Norisring    Rolf Stommelen    14th
24.6.1979    Norisring Trophäe    Rolf Stommelen    1st
1.7.1979    DRM Zandvoort    Rolf Stommelen    13th
22.7.1979    DRM Diepholz    Rolf Stommelen    3rd
19.8.1979    DRM Zolder    Rolf Stommelen    5th
26.8.1979    Ulm [Gr.5 +2.0]    Reinhold Jöest 5th
2.9.1979    DRM Hockenheim    Rolf Stommelen    8th
23.9.1979    DRM Nürburgring    Rolf Stommelen    DNF
23.3.1980    DRM Zolder    Volkert Merl    DNS
30.3.1980    DRM Nürburgring    Volkert Merl    1st
13.4.1980    DRM Hockenheim    Volkert Merl    3rd
27.4.1980    DRM Nürburgring    Volkert Merl    10th
18.5.1980    DRM Mainz-Finthen    Volkert Merl    2nd
1.6.1980    DRM Spa    Volkert Merl    5th
22.6.1980    DRM Norisring    Volkert Merl    2nd
13.7.1980    DRM Salzburgring    Volkert Merl    4th
27.7.1980    DRM Diepholz    Volkert Merl    5th
24.8.1980    DRM Zolder    Volkert Merl    5th
7.9.1980    DRM Hockenheim    Volkert Merl    5th
21.9.1980    DRM Nürburgring    Volkert Merl    3rd
28.9.1980    DRM Hockenheim    Volkert Merl    2nd
22.3.1981    DRM Zolder    Volkert Merl    6th
29.3.1981    DRM Nürburgring    Volkert Merl    4th
5.4.1981    DRM Hockenheim    Volkert Merl    DNF
26.4.1981    DRM Nürburgring    Volkert Merl    DNA
17.5.1981    DRM Mainz-Finthen    Volkert Merl    3rd
28.6.1981    DRM Norisring    Volkert Merl    Raced
28.6.1981    Norisring Trophäe    Volkert Merl    DNA
1.8.1981    DRM Hockenheim    Volkert Merl    4th
6.9.1981    DRM Hockenheim    Volkert Merl    4th
20.9.1981    DRM Nürburgring    Volkert Merl    3rd
11.10.1981    Interserie Zolder    Jochen Mass    2nd
6.11.1981    9 h Kyalami    Bell / DeNarvaez / Moretti 3rd

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  • Year: 1979

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