DAIMLER 15 (1933-34)

Saloon, sports saloon, fixed-head coupé, 2-seater drophead coupé, 4-seater drophead coupé, 4-door cabriolet.

First of the pushrod Daimlers, retaining the worm drive, three piece bonnet and push-on handbrake, but now with mechanical pump feed, hydraulic servo braking, braced frame and, of course, Fluid Flywheel transmission, standard henceforth, and diagonally braced lamps. Mulliner did the closed bodies and Martin Walter the ragtops. Don't expect much over 60mph from 48bhp.

Technical Specifications
1805cc (S6 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1933 to 1934
Number produced
3000 approx
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