6-light fabric saloon, saloon, 4-seater tourer, sports/special coupé.

Introduced in August 1929, as a cheaper 'Six' for those not to be able to afford the new Isis, and a great success. Three-speed 'box, Morris's usual cork-lined clutch running in oil, and hydraulic brakes. New sidevalve 1939cc 'L' type engine tended to overheat, alas. For 1932, tourer and six-light fabric saloon (one of which would be a find!) discontinued but Sports Coupé (later renamed Special Coupé) introduced and all '32 bodies are 'Eddyfree'. Chromium-plated radiator shutters were fitted on Oxford Six. Revised chassis, modified engine and four-speed 'box are other changes that year. New 15.9hp 2062cc 'Q' series engine, with much-improved cooling, for '33, car otherwise much as before. Simple, sturdy vintage-style motoring.

Technical Specifications
1938cc/2062cc (S6 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1930 to 1933
Number produced
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