PACKARD SUPER 8 (1930-31)

Sedan, club sedan, sedan limousine, phaeton, sports phaeton, convertible coupé, 4-seat coupé, coupé, tourer, runabout, various customs.

Two different chassis lengths again, 1401/2ins and 1451/2ins, known as Custom and De Luxe models in '30 in the States and the 840 and 835 respectively in '31. 13mpg if driven gently, but Packard customers would never have to worry about that. '31 the last year of flat faced rads and of four-speed 'boxes, bodies glorious on the Supers too, but, unfortunately no 734 Speedsters ever imported. Expensive then (£1450 for a sedan in 1930), and now.

Technical Specifications
6318cc (S8 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1930 to 1931
Number produced
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