Various bodies.

Staggering noise-machine: four gear-driven upstairs camshafts, dry-sump lubrication, five-speed all-indirect crash transaxle of De Dion type, inboard rear brakes, and the most complicated steering linkages ever seen. Various power outputs from 175bhp to a claimed 300bhp; most cars are 2.8s; 2 1/2-litre on prototypes. With the 3.2 engine and twin blowers, 360bhp said to be available. A plug-eater, and it has heavy controls, but it's the ultimate in fifties exotica. Also manufactured was a short run of single-cam-per-bank Z103s with larger engines of 3.9 litres, 4.5 litres, and 4.7 litres.

Technical Specifications
2816cc/3178cc (V8 QOC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1951 to 1956
Number produced
est 84 of Z102
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