RILEY NINE (1933-35)

Monaco saloon, Falcon saloon, Kestrel saloon, Lynx tourer, Lincock fixed-head coupé, Ascot drophead coupé.

The common thirties story all over again - while cars became more and more refined, they began to put on more weight, thus negating any power increases. So, new for '33 was a lower back axle ratio (5.5:1 instead of 5.25:1), coil and distributor ignition and the fitment of an all-helical 'box and a rearward slating radiator. '34 cars had box section frames, centre-lock wire wheels, Hartford dampers and the option of an ENV preselector 'box, while '35 saw the demise of the Monaco, standardization of the Armstrong preslector 'box and introduction of Luvax dampers. All of these cars (especially with crash 'boxes) are a delight to drive.

Technical Specifications
1087cc (S4 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1933 to 1935
Number produced
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