Last of the real Riley's, the final design from the Coventry firm before the take-over by Nuffields in '38. Like the late model Merlins it was available with the overdrive 'box or a preselector, the chassis followed then standard Riley practice down to the open prop-shaft and Layrub u/js. It was available in Nine of Harry Rose designed 12/4 engined forms, the body was a steel pressing of the four-door, 4-light type with a luggage boot at the back and spare wheel carried in the boot lid, while the engine was mounted further forward on this one to increase front legroom and improve weight distribution. At £299 it was good value, but is a rare beast today.

Technical Specifications
1087cc/1496cc (S4 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1938 to 1938
Number produced
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