Open sports, drophead coupé, Wayfarer saloon.

Open sports Nine a real oddity, very few were made, and not surprisingly. While tail was similar to Le Mans Singer/MG Midget, the rest looked horrendous, overly dumpy. It had a Burgess silencer, so at least sounded reasonable. Saloons and coupés on the larger chassis all very elegant, though, much prettier than Standard offerings and as good as SS. Twenty had such extras as leather seats with armrests, folding tables, disc wheels, telescopic steering column and boot rack, but advent of ohv SS Jaguars killed Avon off.

Technical Specifications
1608cc/2143cc/2663cc (S4 SV/S4 SV/S6 SV/S6 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1935 to 1937
Number produced
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