Saloon, Weymann half-panelled saloon, 7-seater saloon de luxe, Landaulet.

A luxurious car with such 'goodies' as fabric top, radiator shutter, folding tables and armrests as standard, and despite seven main bearings the engine still suffered from loss of oil pressure. Four speed 'box was standard all the way through and it gained synchro in '34, frame was originally on a 118ins wheelbase, later reduced to 117ins in'33 , while '35 saw an additional 123ins chassis length. '34 saw the option of a self change 'box, as well as freewheels. 70mph was about the car's limit eve in '34 larger engined form.

Technical Specifications
2552cc/2663cc (S6 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1931 to 1935
Number produced
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