Vanden Plas

Vanden Plas
VANDEN PLAS 1100/1300


Four-door ADO16 with beautifully-crafted trim by the Vanden Plas works - high-grade wood veneer, leather, picnic tables, unique dash, sunroof option, and thick sound-deadening. Single-carb 1275cc engine optional on last MkIs and offered on first MkIIs; 1100 MkIIs available until early '68. From late '68 twin-carb '1300' standardised. The best way to go to 1100-ing - ask the Japanese, who've been snapping up these Vanden Plas models.

Technical Specifications
1098cc/1275cc (S4 OHV)
Front engine, front-wheel drive
Production dates
1963 to 1974
Number produced
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