Bicester Heritage launches Scramblers club

| 27 May 2021
Classic & Sports Car – Bicester Heritage launches Scramblers club

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Following the sold-out successes of Scrambles at Bicester Heritage, a new ‘Scramblers’ membership scheme has been launched to ‘support, represent, reflect, and lead the car community’.

It describes itself as a club for ‘car enthusiasts from any corner of motoring’, in the vein of Bicester Heritage’s diverse gatherings.

Scramblers is currently free to join and it will have a presence at the first 2021 Scramble on 5-6 June, which is also when the website will launch.

Members will have access to feature and video content based on the daily sights and sounds from the historic base, telling the stories of the on-site specialists.

Classic & Sports Car – Bicester Heritage launches Scramblers club

Themed, monthly, members-only Scramblers events will be held at the Wriggly Monkey brewery in the MT Yard at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire, in addition to the public events.

This theme will extend to the website’s content for that month and will cover everything from car marques and genres to motorsport events and significant figures.

Scramblers is also keen to promote causes, topics and individuals that are key to the automotive community, working with the site’s specialists to safeguard our passions for future generations.

You can sign up from 5 June here – or meet the team at Bicester Heritage’s 5-6 June Scramble.


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