Citroën to sell off huge reserve of heritage vehicles

| 22 Nov 2017

A hoard of classic Citroëns will cross the auction block next month following relocation of the firm’s heritage wing, Citroën Conservatory.

As many as 65 vehicles from the firm’s heritage centre are expected to be sold via online auction on 10 December, with most coming from the reserve collection and varying in price from €1000 to €20,000. The firm hopes to give the cars a new lease of life by making them available to fans of the marque, where otherwise they would have languished in storage.

The varied lot list covers a huge range of models, from a trio of four-wheel-drive Méharis, a 1961 Ami 6 and a 1953 Traction Avant 11 through to a bonkers Jumpy ‘Atlante des Neiges’ Sbarro prototype.

Modern classics are well respresented, including a brace of 1990 BX GTIs – one of which was built in Spain – a 1990 XM and 1995 AX Elextrique Axel.

The oldest cars in the collection will be sold as restoration projects. They include four C4s from 1929-1932 and a brace of 1933 Rosalie 10s.

Meanwhile, a 1973 GS Phase 1, 1977 GSpeciale Phase 2 and 1979 Visa Super are all in need of recommissioning.

If you prefer your cars a little less exotic, you’ll have your choice of no fewer than four Xsaras, five Xantias and a handful of Berlingo vans.

Among the most modern cars in the sale are two C4 Cactuses from 2014, plus a C-Elysée WTCC static show car.

The auction begins at 14:00 on 10 December at