That winning feeling: why C&SC’s Club Awards matter

| 27 Oct 2020
Classic & Sports Car – That winning feeling: why C&SC’s Club Awards matter

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Nominations are open for Classic & Sports Car’s Club Awards 2020, our chance to celebrate the hard-working and often unsung heroes of our great British car club community.

And with all that’s taken place – and not taken place – in 2020, these are more important than ever.

Of course, our awards are nothing without you and we need your nominations to make them happen. So why should you get involved?

We’ve had a word with a few of last year’s winners to find out.

Classic & Sports Car – That winning feeling: why C&SC’s Club Awards matter
Darby Harris was our Young Enthusiast of the Year 2019

Darby Harris of the Honda S800 Sports Car Club was the winner of 2019’s Young Enthusiast of the Year accolade.

As well as owning and maintaining her own Honda S800, when not working at a classic race-car preparation company and studying engineering, a few months before our ceremony she surprised the club with some carbonfibre replacement bonnets for the S800, meaning she’s not just an asset to her club, but also to the whole community of S800 owners – and she’s only 21.

“I had no idea I’d been nominated,” she told us. “It was lovely to know how much the club appreciated me and winning meant everything – I’ve only ever won this award. It was a big surprise and a huge privilege.”

Classic & Sports Car – That winning feeling: why C&SC’s Club Awards matter
Classic & Sports Car – That winning feeling: why C&SC’s Club Awards matter
This little Honda is Harris’ pride and joy

“I love being part of this club,” Harris continues. “If I have any questions or spares, then I can share these with the car community just by a simple email or call. Having friends who have more experience, especially at my age, is great! Everyone couldn’t be more supportive and helpful.

“It is so important to celebrate people’s achievements and keep this community strong, both for people’s friendships and also to keep wonderful classic cars on the road.”

And what would she say to anyone thinking of making a nomination for 2020’s Club Awards?

“Do it! The feeling of having someone think highly of you is the best. To know that you are appreciated for what you do is a good confidence booster, which makes your work or your hobby extra special knowing that your car community and others respect you for it.” We couldn’t put it better ourselves.

Classic & Sports Car – That winning feeling: why C&SC’s Club Awards matter
The GCCG celebrating winning at our 2019 ceremony

Of course, last year’s biggest winners were the members of the Gay Classic Car Group, our 2019 Club of the Year.

As the nomination said, this club has “possibly the widest and most eclectic spectrum of car tastes, brought together by a common goal; to be themselves” an important message that’s well worth saluting. And it clearly meant a lot to win.

“A tremendous sense of pride quickly swept across the membership on our various social media channels and has endured for the whole year,” said the GCCG’s Mark Wells.

“We entered because we love the inclusivity of these awards which bring all classic car clubs together, and because it shines the spotlight on the individuals who bring our hobby to life.”

Classic & Sports Car – That winning feeling: why C&SC’s Club Awards matter
The Gay Classic Car Group proudly displays its award on its NEC show stand

“If you’re thinking about making a nomination for C&SC’s Club Awards, just do it,” added the GCCG’s Darren Mitcham. “Just discussing and writing the entries helps you focus on the previous year's achievements of your club, which invariably gives a warm, satisfying glow. The added bonus of potential nominations or wins takes it to another level.”

“We really loved the build up to the announcement of the awards, which had many members gripping the edge of their classic’s bench seats! And it is more than an evening, or a ceremony, or the title, too. Having the awards logo to use throughout the year gives a real sense of longevity to the accolade. We are honoured to have won.”

So, what are you waiting for? Click here for everything you need to know about 2020’s new-look Club Awards and how you can get involved – and maybe you and your club will be among this year’s winners.

But you only have until Friday 13 November to have your say – good luck!


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